Crying in the chapel…..

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Arriving in Rome we were taken immediately to our hotel – The Giulo Cesare, where we were greeted by a rep of VBT – the quite dapper, Dr. Utr. Ius Frank Van den Broeke.  Snappy jacket, purple tie, white hat and a bicycle. After a brief orientation, with special instructions about how to always “stand […]

A few confessions …

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Things are winding down for the bikers. A quick ride in the morning. Off to Lecce for lunch and a Cappucino. Visit to another church where I heard a few confessions. Naptime in the Masseria.[slideshow] Farewell dinner. Head count before boarding the bus, and we are off to the airport in Brendisi.

No biking today …..

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Our bike tour was to begin in Trulli today, so we had to transport the bikes to the starting point an hour away. When our transport arrived in Trulli we were to tour the ancient city before embarking on our daily ride. Since the temperature had dropped to less than 50 degrees and we were […]

From a rose colored dawn to dinner in the ‘Tavern of Jealousy’

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Ten miles on a bicycle along the Adriatic Coast. Wind in my face the whole way. A short shuttle ride to our neighboring Masseria for dinner. Candle light and pizza. Roaring fire in a stone fireplace. This busy day soon became the main ingredient in the recipe for a fireside nap. But not until after […]

“The best lemoncello in Italy”

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The first day in Puglia we were given the freedom to wander about the country, at least the country surrounding our hotel. Starting the next day our hosts from VBT, Deborah and Juliano (native Puglians) had us awakened at TCOD (the crack of dawn) as opposed to my usual TCON (the crack of noon). We […]

Making noodles and drinking prosecco …

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[slideshow]We were still awake after 26 hours and quite hungry so we joined Val (a fellow cyclist) for brunch at our Masseria Torre Maizza Hotel restaurant. After lunch, I insisted on a short nap before exploring the area and ocean around the hotel. Some of our cycle mates advised against this nap plan of mine, […]

In spite of my dose of Ambian and covering my head with a blanket….

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I still could not sleep, so between meals I finished my book, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” then watched a little Italian T.V. and tried to finish the crossword puzzle, which was difficult for me as I don’t speak much Italian, yet. Once we finally landed in Roma we were directed to Terminal B […]

Delta was ready when I was ….

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It’s a good day so far, I may not be in the First Class section of the plane, but I can see it from here.

I had no idea that I needed these..

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I didn’t even know they existed. But now that I am going on a road trip to the villages of Puglia, I don’t think I can live with out them. These new shorts along with my new under-the-shirt-hidi-pouch to conceal my newly issued passport (Delta said that my old one not only had expired and […]