AmericanaFest – Nashville 2016

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the cookie and lemonade happy hour

Two bottles of wine in the hotel lobby …

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and it being 3am made for a late start today. The seminar at 2 was about Youtube. I learned that if you have a YouTube site (which we do), if you can have 500,000 views of your video people will advertise on your video. I am told that for every 100,000 views you receive 35 […]

Creamed chicken and cornbread …

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at the Hermitage, and a social media lesson hosted  BJ Barham, Amy Black and others at the Americana Boondoggle. Got a goodie bag with a beer opener to use at the Beerery, headphones and a home made cookie. More music at the Tin Roof. A nap. Back to my favorite bar in Nashville for more […]

Don Henley, Keb Mo,

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Leanne Womack, Ry Cooder, Rhiannon Giddens,   Shakey Graves, and me, all at the Americana Music Awards. (I had to remain in the audience)

I should be in a hurry..

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the Awards Ceremony is in 30 minutes, I am a 30 minute walk away, but fried green tomatoes and homemade pimento snd cheese can’t be ignored. I’ll just make a grand entrance.    

All loaded up at Southwest ..

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I should be planning the itinerary for tonight in Nashville, but this is just too good….   

Hot Chicken in East Nashville

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I haven’t even packed and my head’s already in Tennessee.

Meanwhile back in Nashville …..

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It’s time again to return to my favorite boondoggle – the Americana Music Awards and Music Awards. We get to stay in the coolest hotel in Nashville – the Hermitage, drink their version of a Moscow Mule (the Jack Mule) in the Oak Bar, have fried green tomatoes for breakfast before attending the music seminars. […]

It started with Paris …

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I’ve been telling TWWNCBUIP about “my” experience on our Air France flight to Italy two years ago when I had three meals, ice cream, cookies, hot towels, French wine and espresso while she slept through it all. Every few minutes I was offered some goody or another and I took my share as well TWWNCBUIP’s (in […]

…. excited about getting their Muggles passes

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Thirty years later and the monorail was right where I remembered it to be. However there are many more steps between the Monorail and the rides than I recalled. Yes, the monorail does connect the Contemporary Village and Polynesian Village to the Magic Kingdom, however we now have Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot Center […]